Yarrow Reservoir

Yarrow Reservoir is in The Rivington Reservoirs

Yarrow Reservoir is the smallest of the main reservoirs at Rivington and is often overlooked by casual visitors, situated as it is, away from the Three Lakes and without well-known features or nearby amenities. However, it does have good footpaths all around, interesting historic features, and is actually situated central to a hub of routes leading to great walking areas.

The water itself is not very accessible on most sides as there is a wall and in some places very steep embankments.

Yarrow Reservoir Wide Angle image by munki-boy

Yarrow Reservoir image by munki-boy

Yarrow Reservoir map

Marker type: Lake

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Yarrow Reservoir Overflow Cascade

Yarrow Reservoir Overflow Cascade

A man-made reservoir overflow cascade that is often dry as the water of Yarrow Reservoir is low.

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