Lower Rivington Reservoir

The southern end of the chain of reservoirs at Rivington, the Lower Rivington Reservoir features a castle on the Eastern shore and an outdoor centre with boating facilities on it’s Western shore.

Interestingly the filtration plant at the southern end of the reservoir was the biggest in the world when first constructed. There is now a modern water treatment plant in place of the old sand filter beds.

The Lower Rivington Reservoir was constructed by 1857 at which time the first water was supplied by underground pipe to Prescot.

Lower Rivington Reservoir Evening image by munki-boy

Lower Rivington Reservoir image by munki-boy

Lower Rivington Reservoir map

Lat: 53.615738 Lon: -2.567373

Marker type: Lake

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Wildlife at Lower Rivington Reservoir

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Grey Heron have been seen at Lower Rivington Reservoir.

About: Grey Heron

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