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Site Cookies

This site usually doesn't need to cookie you but can at times allow user interactions which will create a small Session Cookie to track preferences you make.

Due to our Cookie Consent policy we may also ask your consent to use certain site components that are usually third-party embedded videos or maps. We create and store a small cookie that "remembers" your current Cookie Consent status - that could be whether you allow cookies, deny cookies or revoke your consent later.

Third-party cookies

Google Analytics

Given your consent this site will use Google Analytics to track our visitor activity so we can optimise the site for Google Search.

GA issues the following cookies:

_gat, _ga and _gid from this site and these are the standard GA tracker and visitor ID cookies.

Embedded Ads and Media

This site sometimes displays Google Ads on certain pages if you give consent to our cookie policy.

Google maps and also Youtube videos are embedded into certain pages of this site and these will set cookies from Google.

The cookies Google set range from Google and their various advertising partners and you may find, for example with Google Maps many cookies may be set if you are logged into your Google account at the time.

Google advertising cookies include:

You can adjust your Google advertising settings from your Google account.

Google Maps and Youtube

Google Maps and Youtube embedded in certain pages on this site can place a number of cookies in your browser depending on whether you're logged into your Google/Youtube account.

Google provide a list of their cookies types here:

All third-party content is disabled on this site until you give cookie consent.

Website Forms

In certain pages this website may use interactive forms such as a mailform on the contact page. Submitting mail through this form or via our email address will cause copies of the message to be duplicated across various mailserver and reside in our mailbox. This is standard behaviour for emails but you should be aware of this before sending mail.

Your right to be forgotten

UK business law means some data such as order placements may need to be stored by us for some time but if you contact us to request your right to be forgotten we will destroy all other data you have sent us. This may incur an admin fee.

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Our Advertising Partners

Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site. Our advertising partners include .......

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