Anglezarke is just north of Winter Hill and contains the areas of next highest ground - a wide expanse of wild moorland cut by interesting valleys and streams, most notably the Limestone Brook and Leadmines Clough.

The Anglezarke Reservoir is most northerly of the three “Rivington Lakes”, arguably the most scenic of the three and the most peaceful - being away from the tourists. There is a nice nature walk on the eastern shore below a fantastic viewpoint.

Anglezarke Moor as the upland area is called is ‘proper’ moorland but there are plenty of paths to follow and interesting things to find along the way.

Waterman's Cottage Anglezarke image by munki-boy

Explore Anglezarke

Anglezarke Reservoir

Anglezarke Reservoir

Anglezarke Reservoir is the north-most of The Three Lakes and is the largest by area.

Explore: Anglezarke Reservoir

Anglezarke Twin Towers

Anglezarke Twin Towers

Two mysteries stone towers near Grey Heights in Anglezarke, what are they?

Explore: Anglezarke Twin Towers

Dean Black Brook Waterfalls

Dean Black Brook Waterfalls

A ton of little waterfalls over a mineral bearing fault line in a river channel that has been adapted for industry, good after rain.

Explore: Dean Black Brook Waterfalls

Lead Mines Clough

Lead Mines Clough

Lead Mines Clough is a great area to explore, with everything from excellent scenery and plenty of wildlife to lead mines and ancient fossil beds

Explore: Lead Mines Clough

Pikestones Chambered Long Cairn

Pikestones Chambered Long Cairn

Excavated almost to oblivion the main stones of the burial chamber remain along with some sections of kerb and cairn slip this would have been covered by a large mound.

Explore: Pikestones Chambered Long Cairn

River Yarrow Water Chute

River Yarrow Water Chute

Not really a waterfall but almost and a really interesting rock channel.

Explore: River Yarrow Water Chute

Round Loaf Prehistoric Mound

Round Loaf Prehistoric Mound

Said to be the largest prehistoric mound in North UK and so far un-excavated, Round Loaf is visible from many places and has excellent views for the visitor.

Explore: Round Loaf Prehistoric Mound

White Coppice

White Coppice

A picturesque little village with its own cricket pitch, also a gateway to diverse and excellent walks, a large prehistoric mound and easy lead mine explores.

Explore: White Coppice

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