Round Loaf Prehistoric Mound

Round Loaf Prehistoric Mound is in Anglezarke

High above Anglezarke on a plateau surrounded by hills there is a large, bowl shaped mound known as Round Loaf. It is reckoned to be the largest man-made mound in Northern Britain and is almost certainly a prehistoric bowl barrow or burial mound. The Round Loaf barrow mound has never been excavated in modern times and seems to be intact. There are obvious signs of erosion in places but no signs of an entrance.

Round Loaf is at the centre of tracks radiating outward like a hub for walkers and is good for a visit and to link up sections of walks into circular routes.

The Round Loaf barrow is visible from Winter Hill and Noon Hill barrows as a bump on the horizon.

Round Loaf Prehistoric Mound image by munki-boy

Round Loaf Prehistoric Mound map

Marker type: Ancientsite

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