Turton must have once been a wide area as Turton Moor is some distance from Turton Tower, but today it seems intersected by other areas and is not represented by a “big name” on the OS maps.

Some of the best looking reservoirs in the area are here, historic monuments, wide open moorland vistas and at least a couple of prehistoric monuments.

The Wader at Turton and Entwistle Reservoir image by munki-boy

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The Turton Reservoirs

The Turton Reservoirs

There is a chain of three reservoirs in the Turton area with good walking routes and car park facilities and a cafe at the Jumbles reservoir.

Explore: The Turton Reservoirs

Turton Moor

Turton Moor

A patch of post-industrial, peat moorland to the north of Bolton and confusingly, some distance from the area of Bolton we call Turton today.

Explore: Turton Moor

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