The County Parish of Rivington is quite large and contains the village, most of the “three lakes”, the pike and parts of Winter Hill as far as the River Douglas near Horwich. There’s plenty to explore here.

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Lat: 53.625432 Lon: -2.566064

Marker type: Place

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Lever Castle - Rivington

Lever Castle - Rivington

Leverhulme’s replica of the former Liverpool Castle, a garden folly on a very grand scale.

Explore: Lever Castle - Rivington

Rivington Cup Marked Stone

Rivington Cup Marked Stone

The only confirmed cup and ring marks in this part of Lancashire, small but mighty.

Explore: Rivington Cup Marked Stone

Rivington Pike

Rivington Pike

All about Rivington Pike, a prominent hill above the town of Horwich in Lancashire, topped by an easily recognizable tower on site of an ancient beacon fire.

Explore: Rivington Pike

Rivington Terraced Gardens

Rivington Terraced Gardens

The ruins of Lord Leverhulme’s terraced gardens at Rivington, known to locals as the Chinese Gardens.

Explore: Rivington Terraced Gardens

Rivington Village

Rivington Village

The heart of Rivington Village now cramped by a small but often very busy road junction. The village has the tradtional green complete with pillory, a church, chapel and a fine tea room.

Explore: Rivington Village

The Horwich Plague Pits

The Horwich Plague Pits

The site of the old Horwich plague pits with some degree of accuracy for the first time. Illustrated with a bunch of maps from 1620 to present (almost).

Explore: The Horwich Plague Pits

Tigers Clough

Tigers Clough

A wooded stream valley with geological faults, waterfalls, the site of an old cotton bleaching works and a secret pub.

Explore: Tigers Clough

Wildlife at Rivington

Wall Brown

Wall Brown

Wall Brown have been seen at Rivington.

About: Wall Brown

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