Darwen is another local cotton town that once had many mills and chimneys. A few survive today including the exotic looking India Mill chimney.

The lofty and historic Jubilee Tower or just Darwen Tower as it is often known today literally ‘towers’ over the town of Darwen and is one of the best-known landmarks in the area. Surrounded by expansive moorland and views out to see and as far as mighty Ingleborough on clear days.

There are a good number of walks and places to visit in the area although near to the now derelict Sunnyhurst Hey Reservoir the footpaths have been closed and/or diverted a lot of late, leading to disrupted walks and also a few chances to explore different routes.

There are also a few local parks with interesting features.

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Jubilee Tower

Jubilee Tower

Jubilee Tower or Darwen Tower as it is often know stands high above the historic mill town of Darwen in Lancashire. A great place to visit for the views alone but Jubilee Tower is one of few local towers that are open and visitors can climb up.

Explore: Jubilee Tower

Bold Venture Park

Bold Venture Park

A smashing little park in Darwen with a lake, landscaped parkland and playground areas, with paths leading up out of the park to the surrounding moorland.

Explore: Bold Venture Park

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