Barrow Bridge

Barrow Bridge is in Bolton

The small village of Barrow Bridge is mostly occupied by former mill cottages, that is to say homes created for the workers of Dean Mills. The large mill was situated on the East side of the stream. The mill is now gone but the cottages that would have been for those with higher positions at the mill are also situated on the East bank of the stream and accessed by small bridges over the water which is several metres below.

Barrow Bridge is situated to the northwest of Bolton on the lower slopes of Winter Hill. Placed specifically to access the water of the Dean Brook as it flows down the Burnt Edge valley. The volume of water was further enhanced by the construction of two reservoirs high on Winter Hill, one of which still remains.

There is a nice spot at the top end of the village that is a favourite spot for paddling or picnics and a good place to start several walks.

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Barrow Bridge Waterfall

Barrow Bridge Waterfall

An often overlooked little waterfall on the Dean Brook as it passes through Barrow Bridge village, with interesting rock strata exposed below.

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Barrow Bridge Chimney

Barrow Bridge Chimney

One of few remaining chimneys in the area from the industrial revolution. Built in 1863, Barrow Bridge chimney was part of the old Halliwell Bleach works and is now a local landmark and listed building.

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Barrow Bridge Boating Lake

Barrow Bridge Boating Lake

The small green space beside the car park at Barrow Bridge was the site of an old mill pond in the 19th Century but was used as a public boating lake for many years.

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